Objectives And Rewards Of The Joint LP Program With Disciplina

  1. The program reward fund is nominated in USDT and distributed every two weeks. The rewards are shared among the participants, who have staked APYS/DSCPL LP tokens at the corresponding Pancakeswap pool
  1. Each epoch lasts 14 days. When it ends, rewards are distributed and the new epoch begins. The rewards will be distributed among all of the participants, proportionally to their stake and time spent.
  2. You can stake APYS/DSCPL LP tokens at any time throughout the epoch. The earlier you stake, the larger the rewards.
  3. APYS/DSCPL LP tokens can be withdrawn at any time since they are not locked. However, we would like to point out that if the APYS LP tokens are withdrawn before the epoch ends, you forfeit the right to claim the rewards for the current epoch.
  4. Staked DSCPL-LP-tokens are automatically staked towards the next epoch at the end of the previous one. No additional actions are required. The user rewards are accumulated for every completed era.



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