Launching the ABR-USDC Vault!

2 min readMay 27, 2022


We are thrilled to announce that the new ABR-USDC Vault is live! The Vault offers larger APY yields and is of the new Stablecoin/Non-stablecoin asset type.

We plan to add three new APYS Vaults to the platform in the NEAR future, namely LINEAR-wNEAR, STNEAR-wNEAR, AURORA-wNEAR. They are already displayed on the platform’s beta.

Over the last few months, our technical team has been working on contracts focused on the single types of Ref Finance pools. Now that the contract has been finalized, new Vaults could be added much quicker. The approximate timeline for adding the new APYS Vaults is within the next 1–2 weeks.

We are also planning to update the project’s tokenomics. Our team’s main goal is to make a simple and transparent model, which will be beneficial for the token holders and new projects alike. The projects will be able to use APYS to incentivize the liquidity provision of their project’s tokens via APYS Vaults.

Moreover, we are negotiating with the team at Ref Finance to create the incentivized farm for the APYS token and bridge it to NEAR Protocol. APYS will also be whitelisted at Ref Finance. We target the end of June — mid-July as our potential release date. This will simplify acquiring APYS on NEAR Protocol, and certain vaults will get additional APYS incentives.

Lastly, we would like to touch upon the future of the platform’s release briefly. We are actively working on improving the project and increasing the test coverage as well as the project’s stability. We target the end of July to release the stable version of the product, so stay tuned for the upcoming release updates.

About APYS

APYS Vaults offer a convenient way to interact with farming on NEAR Protocol. By depositing the assets via our UI, users significantly optimize their yield farming strategies. The platform provides users with a one-click solution and removes the need to navigate the DEXes, making farming more efficient.

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