APYSwap completes a $1.8M Private Investment Round

2 min readFeb 18, 2021

We are happy to announce that APYSwap has completed a Private Investment Round, raising $1.8M with the help of our strategic partners. We are honored to be backed by such investment funds as NGC Ventures, Asymm Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Hillrise Capital, Astronaut Capital, Black Mamba Ventures, AngelOne, Gestalt Capital, all of whom demonstrated their long-term commitment to our vision.

We have already created and are beta-testing the APYSwap Tokenized Vault concept both in Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot’s parachain version is in development. We are working on delivering the final vision of the marketplace to our users, where LP tokens can be combined into cross-chain portfolios, managed and freely traded on layer 2 blockchains, whilst assets remain anchored in Ethereum. Finally, we will soon be announcing an IDO to distribute our tokens among holders and other interested parties. Stay tuned to our news channels to find out more about it.

About APYSwap:

Leveraging Layer-2 blockchain technology, APYSwap simplifies yield farming and reduces its costs for users, without sacrificing decentralization or self-custody. Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain or Chromia blockchain can be used as Layer 2 networks to transfer or trade shares in APYSwap Tokenized Vaults. This also allows for the Uniswap-style exchange, where the users can exchange tokens on Chromia layer 2 without the high gas fees and Ethereum transaction times. By allowing the trustless trading of tokenized yields, it also introduces greater liquidity and other novel attractive properties.

With APYSwap, cryptocurrency holders can benefit from passive income, which does not require an active portfolio management, whilst active DeFi portfolio managers can trustlessly trade on behalf of the users without friction or high transaction fees. Portfolios and APYSwap Vault shares will be available at APYSwap Marketplace.

Project’s token, APYSwap Token, will be used to safeguard and govern platform’s ecosystem. Projects, interested in listing at the APYSwap’s marketplace, will have to purchase APY tokens and lock them. Additionally, token owners will be able to vote for new portfolio projects on the platform. This ensures that only the reputable DeFi projects are available on the marketplace.

Portfolio managers will be incentivized to purchase the APY tokens, since they can attract more users by offering unique projects in their portfolio. However, they will need tokens to vote for the addition of said projects into the APY’s whitelist. Therefore, portfolio managers will contribute to APY token’s market value.

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