APYS Beta is Live!

1 min readApr 11, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the APYS Vaults beta!

APYS Vaults

APYS Vaults offer a convenient way to interact with farming on NEAR Protocol. By depositing the assets via our UI, users significantly optimize their LP farming strategies. The platform provides users with a one-click solution and removes the need to navigate the DEXes, making farming more efficient.

At first, the product beta will feature a stablecoin vault, with more vaults choices coming in the future.

The platform also provides an additional use case for the APYS token. The projects looking to attract more liquidity to their products may purchase APYS to incentivize the liquidity provision via APYS Vaults. We will prioritize adding such pools first with the additional incentivization by the projects.

For now, the APYS Vaults will interact with Ref Finance, but we plan to integrate more DEXes as the NEAR ecosystem grows and provide a variety of options to our community.

With the first vault now launched, we are looking for your feedback. We would be happy if you submit your comments via the following form and help us build a better version of the platform!




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