ABR Token Airdrop

2 min readSep 30, 2021


The long-awaited Allbridge token airdrop for APYS holders is nearly there!

As a quick reminder, every project we onboard is required to allocate 10% of its total supply to the APYSwap Foundation. These funds will then be used to reward the APYS holders. Allbridge will be the first project to launch this initiative.

Back on May 28th, we took a snapshot of every APYS held across all networks. For every 2 APYS that the users held, they will be eligible for claiming 1 ABR token. 5% of the total ABR supply will be allocated to snapshot rewards.

Сlaiming will be divided into two phases, beginning with informational. By typing in their wallet address, users will see the number of available ABR tokens. Try it at:


Once we iron out the details, the second phase will begin. After the 6 months lock-in period, ABR tokens will start gradually unlocking. The entire unlock schedule will last 2 years. Therefore, it will take 2.5 years total for the tokens to fully unlock.

ABR tokens will be distributed on the Solana blockchain, but the snapshot was taken on all the EVM blockchains APYS was active on at the time of the snapshot (Ethereum, BSC, HECO). So before you can claim tokens on Solana you will need to link your EVM address to Solana address by signing the transaction with both Solana wallet (we will support Phantom and Sollet) and EVM wallet (MetaMask, no matter which blockchain, only the signature will be required). After the successful link, you will be able to claim tokens using just the Solana wallet.

Please keep in mind that you can claim your v6ABR during the 6 months cliff. You can redeem v6ABR for ABR linearly during the next 12 months after the cliff. Find out the detailed explanation about what vABR token is in this guide:


We hope you enjoyed this little piece and are excited about the upcoming airdrop. Stay tuned for more announcements from APYSwap!




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